Chinatown NYC July 2010 with RichardsTable

Welcome to my first blog post…..In January, I attended a food bloggers camp in Ixtapa and while there I met Richard Stevens (aka RichardsTable). With a lot of arm twisting, I was able to convince him to fly from  Minnesota to NYC for a visit…….Yesterday, we went to Chinatown and Little Italy….here are a few photos from our excursion…….ps, still trying to navigate thru wordpress HENCE more photos than text….can’t figure out where to insert the text but figured out how to post the photos!    I am on serious overload ……just going to publish this and fine tune as I go along…..please bear with me.

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  1. NatBatVac

    Can’t wait to read and see more!!

    1. NatBatVac

      and were you carrying around Arthur’s book??? LOL

  2. Those dumplings were amazing! They will haunt me I know.

  3. Jane Ridolfi

    so…..I know the mussels and the dumplings were so fabulous!

  4. hmmm somehow lost a few comments while editing this page…
    sorry David Lebovitz & Judi !

    1. Judie Wilkins

      Looking forward to more photos!

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